All About Urban Enterprise Zones (UEZ) in New Jersey

What are the Urban Enterprise Zones (UEZ) in New Jersey?

Urban Enterprise Zone Program (UEZ)

According to the State of NJ, “The UEZ Program exists to foster an economic climate that revitalizes designated urban communities and stimulates their growth by encouraging businesses to develop and create private sector jobs through public and private investment.”

New Jersey’s UEZ program was established in 1983 by the Department of Commerce. It was created to foster economic development via business incentives and tax breaks to businesses in one of the 32 participating jurisdictions.

Currently, over 6700 businesses are UEZ certified.

Businesses that participate in the UEZ program benefit as follows:

  • charge half the state-wide tax rate (approximately 3.3%)
  • have tax-free purchases on capital equipment, facility expansions, and upgrades.
  • Business owners receive tax credits for hiring certain employees along with breaks on unemployment insurance tax benefits.
  • There is also a loan program to help new businesses get up off the ground.

Where are the Urban Enterprise Zones (UEZ) in New Jersey?

The following cities participate in the State’s UEZ program.

City Name Expiration Date
Asbury ParkSeptember 20, 2025
BayonneDecember 31, 2023
BridgetonDecember 31, 2023
CamdenDecember 31, 2023
CarteretMarch 7, 2026
East OrangeJune 2, 2027
ElizabethDecember 31, 2023
Gloucester CityAugust 15, 2024
GuttenbergMay 10, 2027
HillsideMay 6, 2027
IrvingtonMay 6, 2027
Jersey CityDecember 31, 2023
KearnyDecember 31, 2023
LakewoodOctober 31, 2025
Long BranchNovember 20, 2025
MillvilleDecember 31, 2023
Mount HollyMarch 7, 2026
New BrunswickDecember 14, 2024
NewarkDecember 31, 2023
North BergenMay 17, 2027
North WildwoodDecember 31, 2023
OrangeDecember 31, 2023
PassaicAugust 23, 2025
PatersonSeptember 1, 2025
PembertonMay 22, 2027
Perth AmboyOctober 28, 2025
PhillipsburgOctober 31, 2025
PlainfieldDecember 31, 2023
PleasantvilleMarch 7, 2026
RoselleDecember 31, 2023
TrentonDecember 31, 2023
Union CityApril 11, 2026
VinelandDecember 31, 2023
West New YorkMay 6, 2027
West WildwoodDecember 31, 2023
WildwoodDecember 31, 2023

Not all businesses in each city participate in the UEZ.

How to register a new business with the UEZ Program in NJ?

A business is not permitted to claim the tax benefits available under the UEZ program until the UEZ Authority certifies it as a qualified business.

Create/access your NJ Premier Business Services (PBS) account (step-by-step instructions).

Are Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) Policies Effective?

According to a study by Rutgers University, “The short answer is the findings remain “inconclusive.” It seems that enterprise zones create no or few jobs in the short run.[1] More specifically, studies of New Jersey’s first UEZs find no discernible impact on economic development.” [2],[3]


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